Antique collectors are a unique breed of people who appreciate form, taste and craftsmanship. Katherine Blair has the wonderful talent of matching collectibles with these interesting people who will cherish and keep their treasures a lifetime. She will help you acquire whatever your collection needs!

Katherine Denny Blair & Associates has been involved with fine 18th, 19th, and 20th century English and American furnishings, Oriental Rugs, Wine-related Antiques for over 40 years! Katherine (a Natchez, Mississippi native) began work with her aunt Katherine Denny, as Antique Oriental Carpet and antique silver specialists with shops in Washington D.C. and the New Orleans, La areas in the late 1970's. When Katherine took over the business, she quickly embraced the antique furniture industry and became a European traveler and buyer for her business. With Katherine's vast knowledge, teaching abilities and large client base, the business rapidly grew into the special services provided today!

With Art Deco and Art Nouveau rapidly gaining popularity and world- wide acceptance we have broadened our inventory to provide our clients with even more diverse and desirable pieces for their collections and decorating needs. Be sure to look at the bamboo section for ideas and do not hesitate to contact us for any research needs as we claim one of the largest and most complete libraries for all our inventory and our competitions.

We at Katherine's welcome all inquiries and interest in our inventory as well as special requests for hard to locate items. With our contacts on the Continent and England, we will search the world for your desires and provide you with both provenance and assurance you can trust.

If you have any questions or desire further photos or information, you may contact us here. We answer all requests.

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